success stories

Ms. Janantikey Bilgi

Lamppost Techno is established with the vision of providing best and optimize IT solution to any industry. Lamppost Techno is established by Janantikey Bilgi who has experience in IT…Read More..

Ms. Jyoti Harwani

Two Indie artists – Jyoti and Richa whose passion was to create tailored artworks and self-learn contemporary art forms, often imagined to be Artist-cum-Entrepreneur..Read More..

Ms. Krishna Upadhyay

A Visionary Business Partner on a multi-billion $ Global Marketing Project growing with a very dynamically unconventional business model based on e-commerce platform. Read More..

Ms. Krima Shah

Krima Shah grew up in Ahmedabad in a family of doctors. Like most entrepreneurs, Krima Shah’s childhood strongly influenced her views on pursuing opportunity — but not.. Read More..

Ms. Pari Meer

Ms. Pari Meer is the Founder of VSS & Visionspring Solution’s mission is to support the total operation of HRM and its goal through its most valuable resource – “it’s PEOPLE”  Read More..

Ms. Mansi Dilipkumar Trivedi

Switching from a package of Rs.2,64,000/- to almost NIL (due to uncertain business) was a tough decision that she ever made but that decision made all the difference in her life. Read More..

Ms Mona Mistry

It never ceases to amaze me how much time people waste searching endlessly for magic shortcuts to entrepreneurial success and fulfillment when the only real path… Read More..

Ms. Nisha Chauhan

The idea was to take up “Crossword” franchise in the year of 2010 but due difficulties in Business links the thought of venture lapsed. The destiny had its own…

Ms. Palak Patel

Yourindianstore is a store where Palak will be aggregator for NRIs and other people who have the demand of using Indian products. YIS will try to provide them…Read More..

Ms. Phani Trivedi

Mrs. Phani Trivedi is the Founder of Waste.Pro & founded her for-profit enterprise in the year 2011, after a career as an Employee for 9 years. The burning desire to turn.. Read More..