About KSV

Kadi Sarva Vishwavidyalaya is a University established vide Gujarat State Government Act 21 of 2007 in May 2007 and approved by UGC (ref F. 9-18/2008(cpp-1) March 19,2009).

The University has been setup by Sarva Vidyalaya Kelavni Mandal, a trust with more than 94 years of philanthropic existence to achieve the following objectives:

  • To provide need based education and develop courses of contemporary relevance
  • To be a University of excellence by providing research based activities which would foster higher economic growth
  • To provide education to all irrespective of caste, creed, religion etc

The University has been set-up by Sarva Vidyalaya Kelavni Mandal, a trust with more than 95 years of philanthropic existence and benevolence. With the modest efforts and relentless contribution of Late Shree Maneklal M Patel sir the University also got success in amalgamation of all three campuses of Gandhinagar and Kadi with constituent colleges campus of Kadi Sarva Vishwavidyalaya in March 2012.The university aims to achieve societal well being by providing need based education and develop courses of contemporary relevance.Further Kadi Sarva Vishwavidyalaya with its strong base and unique culture firmly believes in achieving excellence by providing research based activities which may foster economic growth.The founder of Sarva Vidyalaya Kelavni Mandal “Pujya Chhaganbha” and Late visionary Chairman Shree Maneklal M. Patel always believed in providing education to all irrespective of caste, creed and religion, which is carried forward successfully by the University officer bearer today. Kadi Sarve Vishwavidylaya has started the scholarship with the name Maneklal M Patel Scholarship for the meritorious students and in2013,Rs.65,00,000 have been disbursed to more than 500 students.Further ,KSV has also stared the initiatives for scholarship to economically challenged students and in 2013 the mean-scholarship has been distributed to the extent of Rs.55,00,000. KSV has also adopted 14 “Anganwadis” in Pethapur and nearby areas of Gandhinagar as a part of social initiatives.Apart, the University also helps the students who are economically poor by offering them “Earn while You Learn” initiative.

More than 7000 students are staying are staying at hostels at 4 different campuses and pursue their studies at KSV. Kadi Sarva Vishwavidyalaya become pioneer in registering Doctoral students in all major disciplines like Management, Engineering, Pharmacy, Computer Science, Biotechnology ,Mathematics, Physics,Chemistry, English, Psychology,Physical Education and many more. University has also achieved a mark in offering M.Phil. courses in various disciplines ranging from computer science to English Language.The university always adopts innovative approach for its research and postgraduate courses. The President of the University Shree Vallabhbhai Patel also believes in benchmark position in all courses and research areas related to University. Shree Vallabhbhai Patel has also launched merit scholarship with gender equality for all university programs to motivate the scholars.Further, to promote research in all programs he offered research-grant to all the departments and programs ranging from Rs.2,00,000 to 14,00,000. The University firmly believes in out-put based curriculum for all courses and encouraged all faculties and Deans to design curriculum accordingly.

So far as, International association and collaboration is concerned, University is also having foot-prints. University has signed MOU with Florida Atlantic University, USA for its Education discipline, University has also received three times delegation from Georgian college and going to sign MOU with Georgian College, Canada for Precision Skill Programme with Engineering College.Kadi Sarva Vishwavidyalaya also visited by the delegations of University of Alberta having world Ranking 69 for its Management Programme and expect Doctoral research and student exchange programme with the same.

Kadi Sarva Vishwavidyalaya is emerged as a University of repute with its basics of social wellbeing and philanthropy. KSV believes in promoting students having outstanding moral character and candor. Innovations in pedagogy and contemporary learning remained always priority for all the disciplines across the programs of University.

A personally dedicated to you



Shree Vallabhbhai M. Patel

Hon. President

I would like to thank you all for trusting us over the years now. As the trust enters its centenary year, I, on behalf of Kadi Sarva Vishwavidyalaya and Women Entrepreneurship Cell would like to welcome one and all to come and be a part of our endeavor for making our children better citizens of tomorrow.